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Preparations for the 2015 Season are Underway!

Pool cleaning & preparation is underway. The 2015 season is nearly with us! Keep checking to find out when we'll be opening again & what's happening at Hilsea Lido.


When it became apparent that PCC planned to close Hilsea Lido at the end of the 2008 season the pressure group began investigating alternative ways of saving this much loved facility.  Hilsea Lido Pool for the People Trust was formed and negotiations began with the aim of taking over Hilsea Lido, the Blue Lagoon and Hilsea Splashpool as a community asset transfer.

During this time HLPP Trust negotiated access to Hilsea Lido under licence in order to complete low level maintenance, host profile- raising and fundraising events and provide a visible presence on site.  Our first event was to take part in National Heritage’s Heritage Weekend in 2009 and host a Family Fun Day.  Preparation for the weekend meant we approached the Probation Service to gain assistance from the Community Payback Team, and they continue supporting this project on a weekly basis.

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Make A Donation

Hilsea Lido Pool for the People is a community run organisation. Our aim is to open the lido to the public offering unique facilities to everybody with an entrance price we can all afford, regardless of income. In order to achieve this we must raise money in other ways. If everybody in the Portsmouth area donated £1 we would be able to open the pool in 2012 with many of the facilities that we hope one day to have in place.

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We have made some great progress over the last year but we could not have done it without our friend/supporter!

As a friend/supporter you will be kept informed of our progress and events and receive regular membership newsletters.

Membership and donations are essential to the redevelopment of the Hilsea Lido and without them we would not be able to finance the day to day running of the project.

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Now that we have taken ownership of Hilsea Lido and the Blue Lagoon we can begin the real work.

There’s lots to do & another pair of hands is always welcome.

We have regular volunteer days every Thursday, and most Sundays.  In addition there are opportunities which offer greater flexibility.

Skills and talents required are many and varied.

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Get Involved

Fundraising will be essential to achieve our aims and if everyone in the City of Portsmouth gave £1 we would raise £200,000 towards the initial restoration to enable us to celebrate the 75th anniversary in style in 2010.
If you would like to support HLPP there a variety of ways that this can be achieved.  For example, you may:

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